About WRB!

Welcome to Walk Run Breathe Fitness and Events, an established business in South Wales looking to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

 The main aim of the business is to get people active through running or other forms of exercise by organising ultra marathons but also being a positive voice about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of the business now is that the majority of the turnover generated in the first years will go towards building to a level where it can pay myself a wage comaprable to what I earn now. Any surplus profit after this shall be given to good causes. Hopefully as time passes turnover will increase and the percentage of cashflow going to good causes will grow accordingly. This business is NOT about bonuses and profit. It IS about making the world a bit better place.

Please browse the site to see how this is all going to happen and get in touch if your interested in getting involved in anything WRB offers.

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