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Interested in anything WRB have to offer, please contact us below:

WRB Fitness and Events
36 Brynheulog
SA14 8AE
Phone: 01554778999 or 07506755982
Email: or for the charity challenge

10 Responses to Make Contact…

  1. Raymond Victor Hasler says:

    I live in Cardigan And run marathons and ultras all over Britain but do as many races in Wales as i can. I am a super vet and loving it at the moment. I have seen the Born To Run race and need to look at my diary to see if its ok and does not clash with other races already booked. Question. Why so few runners. I would be interested in any other runs that you come up with.

    • Hi Raymond.

      Hope you can fit it in to your diary.

      Why so few runners? Basically I am just starting off and doing all the organising myself around a family of 5, a full time job, my training and running classes. In order not to take too much on I decided to keep numbers down for the initial event. I really want to be able to give as personal a service as possible so with 40 runners hopefully you will go away thinking you were a name rather than a number. This will be the first WRB event but as soon as it is full I have plans for a Summer Sizzler for August Bank Holiday Weekend 2012. 3 races in 3 days, 26.2 miles, 30 miles and 40 miles with the option to enter one, two or all three. Maybe that would interest you too? Will probably be aiming to do 3 events a year from that point onwards.

      Could I ask how you heard about the Born to Run Ultra, really interested to know because, as I said, am just starting off and want to know what promotions are working and what aren’t…


    • Raymond if you are still interested in participating you will need to get your entry off asap.



  2. Tracy says:

    Is entry still open

  3. sarah says:

    Hiya…what is the cut off time limit for this event and how many checkpoints are there please? (2017)

    • Hi Sarah. At my discretion and depends on conditions etc but I would be concerned if you weren’t through the last checkpoint at around 34 miles in 7.5 hours. 7 checkpoints/fuel stations 👍

  4. Tom Sullivan says:

    Hi, I signed up to the 40 Mile Ultra for later this month awhile back. I’m still yet to hear any details on where to be, kit list etc.

    Would love an information pack if possible.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Tom. I did send a global email in last 10 days and will send another now. All race details will be sent out between 10 and 14 days before race day though. Hope all is well. I look forward to seeing you. Matt

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