‘Born To Run’ 24 Hour Ultra Marathon Festival 2018


2018 – Born to Run Ultra Festival – *For every entry received before 30 June 2017 £5 will be donated to official We Love Manchester Emergency Fund*



THE B2R MIDNIGHT 40 OR 80 MILER (Start Midnight Friday 30 March)

B2R 40 Miler (Starts 9AM Saturday 31 March)

Payment online by BACS or Cheque – Please complete form and email or post

Enter Online


Edit Entries


Online Entry List


Paper Entry Form


Affiliated £28 Unaffiliated £30


Affiliated £53 Unaffiliated £55 


Affiliated £33 Unaffiliated £35


Not sure about entering? Come and join the Facebook page and talk to past competitors

 On 31 March 2018 WRB shall be hosting the ‘Born to Run’ Ultra Marathon Festival along routes 4 and 47 of the National Cycle Network, including magnificent views across Loughor Estuary to the Gower Peninsula. The race distance is approximately 40 miles for the single night or day start or approximately 80 miles for the double. For the night 40/first half of the 80 you will be required to be self sufficient although we will strive to have as many marshalls/first aiders on route as possible.   The race shall start and finish at Bynea Cycle Club. The course is officially mixed terrain but predominantly tarmac. Entries are now open.


  • Places are limited to 100  (B2R 40 MILER), 50 (Midnight 40 MILER) and 50 (80 MILER)
  • Please see entry forms for event cut offs
  • The entrance fee will include amongst other things race support (for B2R ultra only), goody bag (judged by many to be the best goody bag ever) and a beer or drink of your choice at the end.  It is felt that accepting this number of entries, whilst allowing for more runners, will not affect the personal touch which we feel is so important.
  • Entries accepted by post , email and bacs (see entry form for more details) 
  • It shall be communicated on here and to participants when the race is full.
  • Expenses per participant shall be high with the runner’s enjoyment, a memorable goody bag and safety being of paramount importance. 

195 Responses to ‘Born To Run’ 24 Hour Ultra Marathon Festival 2018

  1. Phil Swann says:

    How far is this ultra and is there a time limit?
    It looks good


    • Phil I shall update the page after, it is 37 miles and there is a 4.5 hour halfway cut off. Entries are starting to come in so let me know asap as there are only 40 places available.

  2. ruth benzimra says:

    oh, go on then!

  3. Kevin says:

    Sounds good – should fit in with my plans for 2012 whcih will climax (hopefully) in the Spartathlon in September. Please can you include me is there an entry form?

    • Hi Kevin

      Spartathlon sounds great. I am aiming for GUCR next year.

      The link for the entry form is on the page, no online entry unfortunately. Will have to do it by post. If you can’t find it let me know and I will email you a copy.

      All the best.

      Safe running.

    • Kevin you need to get your entry in asap if still interested. If you still wish to enter online we can arrange BACS payment as a few runners have done.



  4. marcus says:

    Hi – a buddy and I are interested in doing this race neither of us having done an ultra before. Would this be a good starting one?

    • marcus says:

      Ok I’ve just done my entry – it’s in the post!

      Hold me a space please 🙂

    • Hi

      I would say yes. Although you will find shorter ones I don’t think you will find much flatter, less undemanding routes, plus if the worst came to the worst, which I’m sure it wont, you could pull out at the half way point. On top of this you get a free pint and a buffet in the bar afterwards. 🙂

      Look forward to seeing you. Entries are really picking up now so if you do fancy it get your forms off asap.


  5. marcus says:

    I live in Cheltenham, not sure about my mate yet (http://twitter.com/stoddy38). Will chase him up today!!

    • Hi Marcus

      I don’t want to push him but your mate said he was sending his entry weeks ago and have not yet recieved it. If he definitely wants to participate he will have to get it sorted soon. If not no worries but don’t want him to miss out if he does want in.



  6. keith skeggs says:

    do you need volunteers for marshalling, my mate stuart howells is running, would be nice to support him and support running

  7. Olivia Stark says:

    Hi, how old must you be to run the race? I am 16 going on 17.

  8. jamie leake says:

    are you full up yet?

    • Hi Jamie

      Only half full at the moment but am sending reminder emails to long list of ‘interested parties’ this week. I would predict that at the very latest it will be full by October when the London Marathon ballot results are released.

      Hope you can make it.



  9. flanker says:

    Matt, what’s it like under foot? Tarmac, trail, etc?


  10. Emmett graham says:

    I wil be posting my entry off to you today (21 Nov 2011) looking forward to it, can you recommend any accomodation close by?
    Emmett Graham

    • Hi Emmett

      There is a premier travel inn within 5 minutes drive. Can’t go wrong in my book. Pemberton I believe it is called. If that is not sufficient let me know what sort of thing you do want ok.

      Look forward to getting your application.


  11. Dave says:

    Just wanted to check there are still places?

  12. Matt says:

    I know I’m really late but was wondering if there are any spaces left?

    Many thanks,

  13. Emmett Graham says:

    Hi there

    I sent a letter with entry form a couple of weeks ago along with cheque, and I have not received any response, nor has the cheque been cashed, can you update me

    Emmett graham

  14. Lucy says:

    Will this event be held again in 2013/14 by any chance? Quite interested in doing it but not this year..


  15. Anthony says:

    Is there still places available for this years race? This would be a good one to warm up for the Oner.


    • Yes Tony I am happy to take up to 40 entries. There are 4 that I know of that are on route so still a few places available if you are keen. Let me know you are definitely entering and I will reserve you a place. 🙂


      • Dave McHale says:

        Hi Matt,
        I hope all is well with you. Not long till the big day now!
        A quick question: my crew (my good lady wife) may not be able to make it now, which puts my refuelling plans in disarray. I was just wondering if you can tell me a) what type of fluids will be available at the 5 mile stations; b) what type of food will be available at the half way point. I don’t really want to carry much more than a bottle of water and some fruit & nut, but may have to consider a rucksack if need be.

        I’m really looking forward to the event now, and have been revelling in these cold, sunny days – perfect for long runs.

        All the best,

        Dave Mc

      • Dave wont be exactly half way point mate, about 16.5 and 25.5 miles, I can have anything you want there just leave it with us clearly labelled at beginning. Will be flapjacks and banas there too. Other stations will be water only and will let you know precise locations of them in race pack.

        Hope this helps.

  16. Dave says:

    Cheers for the info. That’s very helpful. I’ll make sure I’m there with my bits labelled up. This will be my first ultra, so not sure how it all works. All the best, Dave

  17. Karen Galpin says:

    I see that the race is full. Do you have a waiting list for cancellations?

  18. sportysnaps says:

    What a great new race for South Wales – I can see this race growing year on year. Well done to all that finished, you all seemed to be a great bunch, all the photos from the race are now on my website http://www.sportysnaps.com, hope to see you all next year

  19. Emmett says:

    Matt – thanks to you and all your Marshalls for an amazing day, it was well run, very friendly and supportive, congrats on a job very well done, and considering it’s the first time over marathon distance it must also be a PB

  20. Emmett says:

    Matt – Count me in for next year – Emmett

  21. Lucy says:

    Hi Matt

    Wondering if you can send me some details of next year’s event – is the distance now 40 miles? Do you have a route map available? Is the course easy to navigate?..

    If I enter I probably won’t have a roadie coming with me – is it feasible to still do it without i.e. do you have bag drops etc. at the finish?

    Am thinking seriously about entering (would be my first ultra) but just needing a bit more info…


  22. Stephen Heads says:

    Do you know approximately how long we will have to enter before it is full – I am waiting on a decision from a friend as to whether they want to run or not.

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  24. chippy says:

    When are you expecting this event to be fully booked as im waiting until end of aug to pick and pay for a number of races and challenges, this fits in good on the schedule


  25. Hi Chip

    End of August will be fine.



  26. Stuart says:

    proud to have run the 2012 Born to Run event and will doing this cracking run again in 2013

  27. Have you had an email from me Chip? I sent out a batch of emails over the weekend. let me know when you registered and full details by emailing me here wrbfitnessandevents@gmail.com and I will check it out for you. don’t panic though I will hold you a place 🙂 Matt

  28. kelvyn says:

    Hi is the 2013 event full l.would like to enter if possible ,will be my first ultra.

  29. Mat Dorn says:

    Please can you let me know when your coming close to the entry closing so I can decide if I am going to do this?

    I only live down the road and I run this route all the time, though Ive only ever been to Pembrey and back to Bynea.

    What sort of finishing times am I looking at?

    Thanks for you help

    Mat Dorn

    • For a local such as yourself I wont be closing entry Mat, you are welcome to enter when you wish as long as before end of January when I start to order all the goodies. i am expecting finishers between 5 and 10 hours.

      Hope this helps.


  30. martin neal says:

    Are you looking like you will be full. trying to work out if works for Comrades training

    • Martin I wouldn’t like to deprive anyone so although at the moment am quite optimistic it will fill up am willing to be flexible. I will pencil you in and as long as you get back to me by the end of the year the place is yours. How is that? One of this years runners went on to do Comrades by the way….

  31. Lionel says:

    Will there be regular updates on run info here?
    I’ve entered and it will be my first Ultra, looking forward to it but want to keep in touch with what’s going on as well 🙂

    • Lionel what sort of updates are you after mate, can give you any you like but are more likely to be by email or text. Don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything you want to know in the meantime.

      • Lionel says:

        To be honest, not sure myself, first “Race” that I’ve entered in years so a bit out of touch….Have seen the map though so thanks for posting that link 🙂

  32. martin neal says:

    Thanks for the kind offer. Will let you know asap

  33. elly hill says:

    Been debating this but Im going to take theplunge and en

  34. elly hill says:

    been debating this but im going to take the plunge and enter, if there are places left of course!! About to take part in the Pembrokeshire Coastal Challenge in 6 days so hopfully it will put me in good stead for this event

  35. martin neal says:

    Just Entered but made a small mistake as I am affillated dont mind about the £3 but could you put my running club down please ROPSLEY ROAD RUNNERS. Thanks. See you in Feb 🙂

  36. Paul Spriggs says:

    Just took the plunge my first Ultra cant wait just need to get some more miles in my legs now.

  37. Lionel says:

    Can I ask, what do you guys/gals do about possible toilet requirements during a race? are there any provided on the course or do we have to think about “Other” arrangements?

  38. mick grant says:

    what drinks and food will be available is it only water will we be able to leave a drop bag

    • Lots will use a camelbak. Any other fuel you carry is up to you. On the day there will be water and jelly baby stations every 5 miles. At the turnaround point at 22.5 miles you can have anything you want waiting, just drop it off at race HQ before the race.

  39. mick grant says:


  40. Carol says:

    Hi – are there still places left? I was hoping to do this ultra but im doing dubai marathon on 25th January and want to check that my previous ankle injury holds up before I decide to do this.

    • Hi Carol

      Enjoy Dubai and if you still feel up to this then there will be a place open for you, online entries close on January 31st but you could pay by cheque or BACS after that.

      Happy New Year


      • Carol says:

        Thanks Matt, this looks like the perfect ultra to do, I love the idea of not getting lost! The cut off times are good too as I will be one of the slower ones :), once I get back from dubai I will be in touch. Have a great new year, Carol

  41. Nick says:

    Hi there, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam
    feedback? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or
    anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any assistance is very much appreciated.

  42. mick grant says:

    are we allowed to run with mp3 plyers \ players or not and what would your like us to use for drop bags

  43. mick grant says:

    thanks for that not long to go now

  44. Ezekiel J. Salvador says:

    Still have a slot for this race? Thanks

  45. martin neal says:

    Thank you Matt for amazing day

  46. Lionel Jones says:

    Although I thanked you at the end I would just like to make a comment for others to read in the future:
    As my first Ultra I thought the BTR 40-miler was superb. Everyone was very friendly and quite happily offered a few tips and advice.
    The race/run itself was a good, interesting and enjoyable run and was very well marshaled, as always thanks go to the marshals for giving up their own time to stand around getting cold directing us loons on which way to go.
    The mile markers were amusing and made the passing miles more interesting wondering what was written on the next one.
    Finally a huge thanks to your daughter, as I say it was my first ultra and to receive afterwards a picture that she drew with your own number on as well as a numbered cup-cake has genuinely made it a day to remember.
    The picture will be going on the wall next to the race number and I hope to come and run with you all again.
    Thanks 🙂

  47. Carol says:

    Hi Matt
    As you know this was my first Ultra – for anyone reading this and thinking about entering for next year, don’t think, just do it!!! I had an amazing day, yes it was cold and even a bit of snow, but the support from the marshals was the best I have found in any other race, every single marshal made you feel special, even if you were last! My main worry was would I get lost, Matt you told me I WOULD NOT get lost and you were right, the course was extremely well signposted and there were marshals at crucial points who even ran along with me at some points, a great morale booster. I can honestly say this is the best race I have done, the goody bag was fab, I enjoyed the cake which Caitlin decorated and the t shirt and picture were such thoughtful touches and really personal. Laura was great at looking after us at the checkpoints and I cant wait to see the pictures that were taken along the route!. Mervyn was so impressed by the organisation and really enjoyed the day that he is going to book for next year and run it with me so we will both be back but a bit quicker finish next year!
    Carol x

  48. elaine dean says:

    Hi matt,
    I had a great day on saturday, my first ultra and didnt know what to expect, but everybody was helpful supportive and friendly. Can you please send me a small t shirt, i have made a (small) donation. Next years application is in the post, to see if i can beat my time!!!

  49. Emmett says:

    Matt – Can I enter online at all for next year
    Also Carol and Mervyn it was great to meet you at dinner, looking forward to next year already

  50. Carol says:

    Great to meet you too Emmett, see you next year!

  51. Emmett says:

    In for 2014, Hatrick

  52. mick grant says:

    thanks for a great first ultra

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  54. just entered the born to run my 1st ultra.march 2014,all advice accepted gracefully lol,who,s done it before and is doing it in 2014, thanks GRIFFO.

  55. mick grant says:


  56. Just paid my entry fee, can’t wait 🙂 This will be my next step after my 50km this Sunday 🙂

  57. Colin Griffiths says:

    Please could you send me a file of the route cheers

  58. dave shields says:

    just completed the online entry. my first ultra, so should be entertaining 😉

  59. Rhianydd Edwards says:

    Hi all, my entry is in 🙂 . . . my first ultra and very nervous, although I feel a bit more reassured after reading the previous years post-race comments above.

  60. Allan Davies says:

    Well done Rhianydd, your going to do great!! I’m all signed up, not done a ‘flat’ ultra before, but really looking forward to doing this event for the first time!!

  61. Dan Mumford says:

    Just entered! My First Ultra… Can’t wait!

  62. Andy W says:

    Just to confirm. It’s on the 29th March..? I read somewhere it was in Feb.
    Is there still places? Wouldn’t mind a spot, you see..


  63. Hi Dan, not yet. Madeyarun typically update me during first week of the month. Heard from them on Monday so if you entered after that I wont have details yet. Will email them now though ok 🙂

  64. Phillip says:

    Is this course marked out and do we require maps?

  65. Andy says:

    Paid. See you at the start line!

  66. Colin Griffiths says:

    Going Down to recce part of thé route tomorrow,Bynea cycle club to Burry port and Back,Hope thé Weathers is kind ,but doubt it.

    • Enjoy mate, doesn’t go all the way to Burry Port Harbour. Turn round point is the car park for the industrial estate where you come off the coastal path on the Llanelli marathon (if you have ever done it?)

  67. Colin Griffiths says:

    No Matt never done the Llanelli marathon,strange considering I live in Briton Ferry,I follow the route you sent me cheers mate.

  68. Colin Griffiths says:

    Hi guys,just got back recced part of the route this morning,18 miles done,strong winds but stayed dry,from Bynea cycle club 9miles along the coast and back,feet up time now my last long run before my 1St ultra of the year the Moonlight Challenge 33 miler in Kent next week,anyway guys stay healthy see you at the start line GRIFFO.

  69. Andy W says:

    Do you have the data from the recce? Strava, garmin etc?

  70. mbosano says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for the latest email – really looking forward to the race now just hope the weather is a bit more stable than it has been.
    Just booked into the Premier Inn East so looking forward to a couple of drinks the night before and meeting the rest of you….

  71. griffoson65 says:

    Hi just back,recced the last part of the route,20 miles from Castle street up the Swiss Valley to Tumble,it’s almost 10 miles of incline, INTERESTING that’s 38 miles of the route done,fair play its going to be tasty lol,anyway guys see you on the start line in a few weeks.Stay Healthy.

  72. griffoson65 says:

    Yes dead right lol,it’s going to be fun though 😉

  73. Andy W says:


  74. griffoson65 says:

    Cheers mate.

  75. Andy W says:

    Looking forward to it now.. I’m gonna get the train over in the morning.. The station is near the start line, is it not?
    I’m happy car pooling (me being the pool), if anyone is driving from Bridgend way?

    Griff, have you the stats from the recce. I would recce it myself, but don’t have the time. Cheers

    • Bynea Station is very close to the start line but not sure your chance of getting a train there, don’t think they are very frequent. Llanelli station not so close but if you let me know time of arrival will see what I can sort out.

  76. Allan Davies says:

    Hi matt, how far apart are the feed stations please, and what is supplied at these, eg water only? etc. ta!

    • Andy says:

      I asked the same. Here’s the reply.

      “Fuel stations will be provided at approximately 5, 9, 12, 17, 22, 28 and 34. Only water and jelly babies shall be available except at 17 and 28 miles where flapjacks and anything you wish to clearly label and leave at the start will be available”

  77. Allan Davies says:

    That’s excellent, thanks for that, see you in a few weeks!

  78. mbosano says:


    Hope everyone’s training is going well – i have my final long run planned for Saturday then it’s taper -time! Just wondered how people’s training has gone? My logs are here if you are interested???

    I will be travelling to Llanelli by train, from Cheltenham, on the Friday afternoon (not sure what time yet) and staying at the Premier Inn. I’m planning to get a taxi to the start on Saturday morning so if anyone wants to share (or has a space in a car?) let me know.

    Also question for Matt – can we leave luggage at the start (Bynea Cycling Club premises?) or should we leave it at the hotel (in my case)?

    Cheers folks,


  79. Colin Griffiths says:

    Well done Matt and the gang for putting on a brilliant event,stewards/medics and everyone else involved,well done again,PS great goodie bag with a lovely picture done by Matts daughter thanks again.

  80. mick says:

    I second that, well done Matt, another good day

  81. Andy W says:

    Totally agree. Great day. Any links to the photos taken would be welcome.

    See you next year

    • Guys it would be nothing without you. Will communicate information on photos, results etc some time tomorrow. Have got a long run (17 miles 😉 ), shopping, marking and Spurs to do as well so please bear with me. Thanks for all the kind words x

  82. Colin Griffiths says:

    Spurs OMG Matt,Fantastic Event Well done again Buddy
    Griffo thé Gooner 😉

  83. griffoson65 says:

    Oh to oh to be oh to be a Gooner.lol

  84. dave shields says:

    Massive thanks to Matt, family, marshals & St Johns for putting on such a great event. My first ultra and a perfect race to choose to do it on! Loved the highly personalised goody bag and the drawing by Caitlin is so much better than any medal you get on other events. Marshals did an astounding job, with great encouragement and clear directions of where to go.
    Really refreshing to run with such a friendly group of people – there’s not many races where *everyone* is willing to share a high-5 on passing a fellow runner. Really enjoyed the route as one of my pet hates is having to run pavements alongside traffic, and this race is 99.99% traffic free!

    If anyone is reading this wondering whether to enter or not, don’t think about it, just do it. You won’t be dissapointed.

  85. Paul Jackson says:

    Massive thank you to everyone! What a great race. The supporters and ambulance crew were fantastic and just the right mix of inclines, declines and wind to make it a good challenge.
    I especially love my picture from Caitlin, she even painted my shoes blue (as my new pair are, this race was the retirement run for my old pair). This was my second ultra, but definitely much better than the first.

  86. Dan Mumford says:

    Wow! The feeling of completing your first Ultra. Mad to think just 5 months ago I ran my first Half Marathon!
    Awesome event, well organised and great support from the Marshalls and St Johns. Super Goody Bag too, loved the pic by Caitlyn!
    Thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I had cramp for 21miles. Roll on next year I think!
    Well Done Matt!

  87. Jason James says:

    Signed up! Completed my first ultra 1 month ago and already can’t wait for next. Heard so much good stuff about ‘Born to run’ so looking forward to it 🙂

  88. Jason James says:

    Signed up! Completed my first ultra 1 month ago and already can’t wait for next. Heard so much good stuff about ‘Born to run’ so looking forward to it 🙂

  89. emmawhittick says:


    Are there still spaces for the 2015 event? I’ve done several marathons but I’ve never attempted an ultra before – your event looks a great place to start.



  90. stephen says:

    I’m interested in taking part next year and was wondering how many people have signed up so far.

  91. Richard says:

    Hi. Just wondered, any space left? Is it £30 for the event? And that includes aid stations?

  92. Tom says:

    Hi Matt

    Is the event running in 2014 or 2015?
    I’m very keen runner and extremely interested in running this event, is there a very limited number of places, it would be my first ultra, would I have to have a roadie also? Will the course involve a lot of navigation? I’m not sure if this site is still in use if not could you point me in the right direction. Sorry for all the questions I’m just looking for some more information.

    Many Thanks


    • dave shields says:

      hi tom,
      the event is running in 2015. it was my first ultra last year and is an ideal event. navigation is simple – follow the cycle route – and there were marshals at key points so going wrong is quite difficult!
      roadie – last year a competitor was being shadowed by his girlfriend on a bike, so a roadie is up to you!
      i, like most, did it solo. you can leave a drop bag at the start. it is then transported to a point on the course that you will pass twice at about the 18 and 29 mile marks. the course itself is a 3 spoke out and back, with the ‘hub’ being llanelli, so you pass each point of the course twice.
      matt would be better placed to answer number of places, but i think it’d be around the 100 mark?
      it’s a great, friendly event and one i should be doing again this year, but haven’t got my entry in yet 😉

  93. Peter Agnew says:

    Hi There.
    Any places still left for this event? I want to use it as a warm up for the Fellsman. Looks ideal.
    Thanks, Peter

  94. Richard Simpson says:

    I know it is very late but am I able to apply online still?


  95. Lynsey whitcombe says:

    Hi could you email me the route map info please

  96. tim says:


    im doing the ultra next march, is there anyway to find out the exact route.

    many thanks tim.

  97. Jane reader says:

    Can l apply online ?please

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