Thanks everyone for the positive feedback for the race. We hope that the changes made for this year were for the better and initial feedback has been positive. The enjoyment and safety of the participants is my only concern so once again any constructive criticism will be taken on board and used to make 2014 an even better event. See you then….



  • Thank you for organising a great event Matt and family, Enjoyed your talk at the start, really calmed the nerves to help me through what I class as my most challenging run yet, Thanks to all the other participants who chatted to me along the way. This really helped the miles tick by without much thought, I’ll be honest though, the last 9 were a real struggle, Cheers to Lee for getting me home for the last 3 mile. Top event………. printed the entry for next year already!!!
  • Massive thank you to everyone! What a great race. The supporters and ambulance crew were fantastic and just the right mix of inclines, declines and wind to make it a good challenge.
    I especially love my picture from Caitlin, she even painted my shoes blue (as my new pair are, this race was the retirement run for my old pair). This was my second ultra, but definitely much better than the first.
  • Awesome event, well organised and great support from the Marshalls and St Johns. Super Goody Bag too, loved the pic by Caitlyn!
    Thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I had cramp for 21miles. Roll on next year I think!
    Well Done Matt!
  • Can the event be improved?

    I think not!!

  • Thanks again Matt for putting so much time and effort into the race.
    Enjoyed it immensely (apart from the last couple of miles when I was running on empty).
    Course was dead easy to follow and loved the markers.
    I think the race would still be great with more numbers, but you may need to find a bigger HQ?
    Cheers. I shall be recommending it 🙂
  • Hi Matt, thanks for a great race and the hard work from you , your family and the marshals.
  • Hi Matt, Thanks very much for organising a great race once again … and also thanks for the goody bag … an amazing contrast to some better known races!! But most important, please thank your wife and all the rest of the great team for making us so welcome and looking after us. I can’t imagine what you do to persuade them to turn out each year with such a great sense of encouragement and support. 🙂

  • I’m coming back next year 🙂
  • hi matt,
    only just fired the computer up, so trying to catch up on emails etc.
    massive thanks to you, your family and all the marshals and st johns people for putting on such a great event. it was by far the friendliest race i’ve ever done, not to mention the toughest! i’ll get onto the site & fetch shortly and leave feedback which will hopefully entice a few more to enter next year.
    as for increasing numbers, i have no problem either way. i’d hate to see this event go the same way as the cardiff ultra where it became financially unviable. i was suprised when there was only a 50% sign up rate this year as i thought it would fill up.
    finally, thanks once again. it was very much a love/hate deal going on (the worst for me being the 11 mile loop from the bag drop point) but i’m pretty sure one that i’ll be repeating 😉
  • sh*t, forgot to say thanks for such an amazing goody bag and for the framed drawing done by caitlin! brilliant personal touch and one that makes you feel an individual rather than just another runner. great job by the marshals. encouragement and clear directions. a lot of events could learn from this!
    loved the messages on the mile markers. didn’t read all of them, but loved the “i’m in a drinking club with a running problem”
    thanks once again

Hi Matt

Thank you so much for today it was great.. the whole experience was brilliant meeting new people and an incredibly well run event. (Pardon the pun). Thank your children for the nice picture it was a lovely touch.

Many thanks

  • Thanks Matt. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and very well organised! Will be back next year for sure.


Enjoy the leftover beer.

  • Thanks again to you and all your helpers.fantastic event,with all the big money events yours ranks way above in my book.
    Many thanks,
  • Hi Matt,
    It was great to meet you I really enjoyed the 40 mile run and want to say thanks to everyone that supported the event Mike
  • Thanks for a fantastic event Matt. So much better organised and supported than previous events iv taken part in elsewhere. Enjoyed the run and enjoying my time in South Wales. Much harder than I anticipated due to only arriving in South Wales at 2am off the back of a 350 mile road trip. 4 hours sleep and 40 miles don’t mix so well!! 🙂
    I’ll bear this in mind for next time and come for a week! 🙂
    Please thank Caitlin also for her picture. It will get pride of place 🙂
    And whoever had the idea of ice lollies at the turn around point will get a mention in my memoirs as it was inspired!! 🙂
  • Massive thanks to Matt, family, marshals & St Johns for putting on such a great event. My first ultra and a perfect race to choose to do it on! Loved the highly personalised goody bag and the drawing by Caitlin is so much better than any medal you get on other events. Marshals did an astounding job, with great encouragement and clear directions of where to go.
    Really refreshing to run with such a friendly group of people – there’s not many races where *everyone* is willing to share a high-5 on passing a fellow runner. Really enjoyed the route as one of my pet hates is having to run pavements alongside traffic, and this race is 99.99% traffic free!If anyone is reading this wondering whether to enter or not, don’t think about it, just do it. You won’t be dissapointed.
  • Well done Matt and the gang for putting on a brilliant event,stewards/medics and everyone else involved,well done again,PS great goodie bag with a lovely picture done by Matts daughter thanks again.
  • Well done Matt,best event I’ve been lucky to take part in😉
  • Thanks Matt, I finally managed to complete the course, an extremely well organised event, I am just trying to convince my better half to let me enter next years event. Again a massive thank you to you and everyone else who supported this event
  • Thanks for a brilliant day Matt.
    A truly professional and most importantly fun event. The marshals and other competitors were all great, I’ll definitely be back to try and improve my time next year. The only problem is the aching in my legs, will they ever be right again?


  • Hi Matt
    As you know this was my first Ultra – for anyone reading this and thinking about entering for next year, don’t think, just do it!!! I had an amazing day, yes it was cold and even a bit of snow, but the support from the marshals was the best I have found in any other race, every single marshal made you feel special, even if you were last! My main worry was would I get lost, Matt you told me I WOULD NOT get lost and you were right, the course was extremely well signposted and there were marshals at crucial points who even ran along with me at some points, a great morale booster.  I can honestly say this is the best race I have done, the goody bag was fab, I enjoyed the cake which Caitlin decorated and the t shirt and picture were such thoughtful touches and really personal.  Laura was great at looking after us at the checkpoints and I cant wait to see the pictures that were taken along the route!.  Mervyn was so impressed by the organisation and really enjoyed the day that he is going to book for next year and run it with me so we will both be back but a bit quicker finish next year!
    Carol x
  • Hi matt, thanks for hosting a great event and giving me the opportunity to achieve a great personal result. Also a massive thank you for such a great goodie bag. I didn’t open it until I got back to my hotel and was extremely pleasantly surprised to find such personalized mementos. Hats off to Caitlin for such a great picture, much better than any medal, and my little girl loved devouring the cupcake.
    Hopefully be back next year.
    Thanks again
  • Hi Matt just a few lines to thank you for a great day yesterday.My first ultra and enjoyed every minute,well almost miles 32 to 39 were quite painful.Really liked the friendliness of the event, the flapjacks at mile 19 were probably the best thing I have ever tasted.All the marshals were really friendly and encouraging.Goody bags were excellent loved the picture.my legs are in bits today but still thinking about entering next year.    Thanks again
  • Thank you Matt for amazing day
  • Matt,
    Although I thanked you at the end I would just like to make a comment for others to read in the future:
    As my first Ultra I thought the BTR 40-miler was superb.   Everyone was very friendly and quite happily offered a few tips and advice.
    The race/run itself was a good, interesting and enjoyable run and was very well marshaled, as always thanks go to the marshals for giving up their own time to stand around getting cold directing us loons on which way to go.
    The mile markers were amusing and made the passing miles more interesting wondering what was written on the next one.
    Finally a huge thanks to your daughter, as I say it was my first ultra and to receive afterwards a picture that she drew with your own number on as well as a numbered cup-cake has genuinely made it a day to remember.
    The picture will be going on the wall next to the race number and I hope to come and run with you all again.
    Thanks :)
  • Matt, just a quick email to thank you very much for an excellent event, over s stunning course that was expertly organised. Big thanks to your team of helpers and marshalls and of course the great goody bag with a lush cupcake and memento. Couldnt recommend your event highly enough and will be back next year to beat my pb. Thanks again.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx

thank you

was brill

  •  Matt, the bigger event organisers could learn a thing or two, you and your team of Marshals make this a must do event for me thanks
  • It was pretty damn near perfect, but just 2 little things
    You saw that a numpty like me could not made her way to the finish, one little arrow there afte the bridge would have been lovely.
    Also, there is one bit which doesnt follow the cycle path and I got lost on it both years.Well, not lost but.
    Its at about mile 34.5,You get directed up the hill and then “follow the path”
    At that point you need to ignore the cycle path and go along the curly wurly seafront path outside the blue houses
    I ended up in this minor dead end
    Maybe if the marshal could just remind us to stick to this path(i know we went that way going out, but my rain doesnt work at 35 miles)
    Othewise, bloody superb and i will be back next year!
  • I hope that you did get a little drunk last night – you and all your team very much deserved a drink or two (or three…)
  • Sorry that I finished and did little more than put my hands on my knees and drew breath and then had to rush off – back to London and then collect wife and kids this AM hence early start. Did stutter some sort of thanks yesterday, but not sufficient to say what a great run that was. I like ultras for the friendly runners and feel and this was right up there. Great course – really enjoyed seeing this part of the world – and lovely organisation. Well done.
  • Couple of particular mentions – credit for memento! Loved the banter on the mile markers – helped a bit.
  • Thank you for organising a great event. Please especially thank the support team, they were amazing and worked so hard for us today

Cheers, and thanks again for a great day x

  • Hi Matt

Just to say thanks to you and all of your “team”, all of which must have been suffering from frostbite and exposure, for making it a great event. It was fine for running, but standing around for hours must have been purgatory. For a longer event like this, the friendliness, support and passion for making it a great day, and making the participants feel like they are family guests at a social event, rather than some mass cash gathering exercise, is a brilliant tribute to you all.

In addition, a special thanks to the cupcake chef (very pretty and tasty!) and to Caitlin for the memento.

Improvements … only a large, yellow fluorescent sign about 3.5 (?) miles from the end, where the path veers to the left away from the sea. (There are some bench seats set up on mound to the right of the the wrong path!) I know I am the only one who get lost on that course at that point, but I couldn’t remember anything of the route by that time!

Take care, good luck with your forthcoming challenge, best wishes to your family, and I hope to see you all in March 2014.

  • Another great day out in Wales, a bit chilly – and I lost the use of my hands a couple of times, thanks Matt – definite improvements this year, the goodie bag was excellent as ever. I now have 2 mementos / t-shirts although the cupcakes didn’t last that long 🙂
  • Tidy


  • Thanks for a great race MAtt we had a brilliant day you should be very proud of all involved may just have to try this one again


  • Very Good, Matt always got back asap, kept his promise with race numbers, could have easily made more money by letting more entries in but didn’t, I like honesty. Nothing seemed too much trouble, Thanks Matt.
  • The pre-race communications and race pack were fantastic…
  • It was a nice easy event to get to and although I didn’t use the drop off (like a fool!) it looked well organised.
  • Genuinely the best good bag ever. Obviously made with lots of thought and to be personalised to every runner was worth the race fee. The memento is sitting on my window sill as I type. Also, Matt’s friendly nature and efforts to make the whole weekend a social one, really made for a unique experience. Certainly, I’ve never had the kind of input. Very well done!!
  • great course, great flapjack, very friendly
  • I found it to be the most friendly race I have ever taken part in, including the personal touch of the e mails and texts leading up to race day . Goody bag was brilliant and love the t shirt and memento.Well done antd can’t wait for next year.
  • Loved the shirt, great picture, change nothing, the bottles of lager at the end were most welcome, Flapjacks were bloody lovely
  • the race got the most out of the terrain, coastal path, park and then a very gradual climb through some pretty nice country side – OK some of the council areas were…………………well, scruffy. Mind you if you’ve ever run through Birkenhead North – well, its twinned with Beirut.
  • I would like to say that a lot of ‘big’ races could learn a lot from this race, but maybe 10,000 cupcakes / hand made mementos from a 7 year old girl would be to much (unless the jobs were shipped off shore to SE Asia.
  • I thought the route was excellent very good challenge.
  • I LOVED the mile markers Even i could not get lost Fuel stations just right, views great, felt supported by the bike medic all along Fab goody bag, need i go on——-
  • Nice route, very scenic
  • There was beer 🙂 what more could you want? Goody bags absolutely brilliant – Caitlin’s is possibly the best race memento ever, and the t-shirt is one I will even wear, so very pleased.
  • Enjoyed the route, it was well signed for me and I didn’t get lost or take a wrong turn
  • Fab goodie bag, good facilities and a decent place for a beer.
  • It was a real difference receiving excited text messages building up to the race day itself. Even though there was one small error on the Postcode this was sorted through the text messaging service so that was a very good way of keeping us all informed of any last minute changes.
  • Well done on the finish. Great, personalised goodie bag. Shower facilities perfect. Now that we had somewhere to sit and drink it was a good place to chat to the other runners. Nice and friendly, no fuss so no problems. All your team were helpful too. Would I pay more for BTR event? Only a little more, I would be ‘umming’ and ‘erring’ at more than £40.
  • Didn’t think small was going to be good but small was great very well run event
  • This was great race … and obviously involved a lot of hard work and you should congratulate yourself and all of your helpers… well done.
  • Actually goody bag was excellent and free drink a very nice touch ..thanks a lot.

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